Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are your products made? All of our products are made in Canada. They are manufactured in our factory just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2. How long have you been manufacturing copper and aluminum housewares in your factory in Canada? Sixty-two years.

3. Can your products be recycled? Yes! All of our products are recyclable.

4. Do you have a minimum order quantity? Yes. Our minimum order is twelve pieces.

5. Do you manufacture custom sizes? Yes. We can make anything of almost any size as long as it is round. Please contact us for a quote.

6.Do you offer volume discounts? Yes. We offer price breaks at 100, 250, 500, 1000, and 2500+ pieces.

7. Is there duty on your products? We have a NAFTA ( North American Free Trade Agreement) on file with USA customs therefore, there is no duty when crossing the border.

8. Where are your products shipped from? Our products are shipped FedEx Ground from Buffalo, New York.

9. How should I care for my copper products? All our copper products should be hand washed with soap and water; they are not recommended for dish washers. Polish with copper or brass polish to remover any tarnish that may occur over time.

10. Is your copper safe to drink out of? Yes! We use solid copper, not mixed with any other metals. Our products are 100% solid copper, the same that brings drinking water into your house. Our products are not copper plated therefore, no flaking will occur as with some other products.

11. Is aluminum safe to drink from? Yes. We use %100 pure aluminum, not mixed with any other metals. This is the same type of metal as all soda and beer cans are made of. It is an urban myth that drinking from aluminum causes Alzheimer's disease.

12. Where does your copper and aluminum come from? We import our copper and aluminum from the USA making our products 50% Canadian and 50% American - 100% North American.

13. How long after I place my order will I receive my shipment? Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

14. How do you pack your products? All of our products are wrapped in two layers of foam and bulk packed in 12" x 12" x 12" boxes (except those larger than 12"). We will quote on any custom packing requirements on request.

15. What colours do you have available? We have ten standard colours for aluminum products: Red, orange, gold, lime, green, blue, purple, silver, white, and black. All our aluminum products are available in any of our colours or as an assortment. We can also match PMS colours at no extra charge. We have two finishes on aluminum products: satin finish and polished finish (polished finish available in silver only).

16. Can you add pictures or writing to your products? We offer engraving or pad printing on any products which are under 7" in diameter. The imprint area is 2 1/2" x 2 1/2". On items over 7" diameter we offer a waterproof laser cut transfer decal. The imprint area is up to 5" x 5" and the decal is available in up to four colours